25th November – 65th Anniversar​y of 34092 naming ‘Wells’

This last week witnessed a significant milestone in the life of West Country Pacific 34092 ‘City of Wells’

Through the goodwill of Andrew Tucker and the Wells Railway Fraternity we are delighted to celebrate the 65th Anniversary of the 25th November 1949 of the original naming of 34092 as ‘Wells’, the name that it currently carries until an official renaming to ‘City of Wells’ takes place in 2015.


Andrew contacted the Railway to congratulate the owners on the restoration of ‘Wells’ back to running order. He was also able to send us the above photograph (source unknown) taken after the ceremony and it certainly appears that the locomotive caused a great deal of interest on the day.

In addition he has sent us a copy of an article that appeared some years ago (date unknown) in the Somerset & Dorset Railway Trust Bulletin detailing the naming ceremony. It makes fascinating reading but of particular interest is that Councillor Mrs. Melrose in replying to the toast suggested that the name for the locomotive should be ‘City of Wells’. On the 21st March 1950 a letter was received from BR Southern Region that the alteration had now been made and that the locomotive now carried the name ‘City of Wells’. Click HERE to read the full S&DRT article.

For the occasion a commemorative coffee table was presented, pictured on the second page of the article, was presented to the Mayor of Wells and was  recovered from storage in a basement in 2002, restored by two Fraternity members and has resided back in the Mayor’s Parlour at the Town Hall since that time.

The original author of the article is sadly deceased and the SDRT have been unable to identify any subsequent copyright holder. If these persons, and indeed the taker of the above photograph, can make themselves known, the Keighley and Worth Valley Railway will be pleased to publish a suitable acknowledgement.

Featured image: Inspiring Images



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