2014 Autumn Steam Spectacular Update

Message from the Organisers

Following the difficulties at this time of transporting main line locomotives in our area and the unavailability of a steam locomotive under discussion, the KWVR have decided not to hire a visiting locomotive for the forthcoming Steam Spectacular Weekend.

The weekend will, however, feature a strong line up of seven locomotives, the likes of which we have not seen for some time, including the gala debut of 34092 ‘Wells’, the first Spectacular in which 5820 “Big Jim” has featured in USATC Grey and our mid-term visitor, 5305LA’s Black 5, 45305.

As usual we will be offering a great mix of passenger and goods trains, with non stop runs and double headers and photographic opportunities – a classic Worth Valley Steam Spectacular!

2 comments on “2014 Autumn Steam Spectacular Update

  1. This is a real shame. However, the line up is still very good and I for one am looking forward to next Friday and Saturday..
    After also struggling to attract visitors for the Diesel Gala, should we be worried about the fact a visitor for the Steam Gala couldn’t be sourced too? Or just coincidence?

    • It is purely a coincidence. The organisers have worked tirelessly to bring in a particular star guest but due to events outside the Railway’s control, the locomotive is now not available.

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