‘City of Wells’ – the waiting will soon be over! – Part 3

News of 34092 is now coming thick and fast and it cannot be too long before the locomotive is at the head of its first revenue earning passenger train in 25 years. Hot on the heels of its light engine run on Wednesday, ‘City of Wells’ took the Valley by storm on Friday evening with  a loaded test run up the full length of the line with 5 coaches behind the tender.

The images and video tell the story – the wait really is now almost over.

34092 waits in Haworth loop for the 4F hauled service train. Having coupled on the front 34092 pilots 43924 on the final leg to Oxenhope, effectively making this its passenger turn in the new era.
Photos: Ian Dixon
Waiting to couple up to its train at Oxenhope and having completed it run down to Keighley waits next to the main line to run round and tackle the climb to Oxenhope
Photos: Trevor Gower & John Sagar
The locomotive runs round and now waits for the off.
Photos: left top & bottom and bottom right, John Sagar; top right, Trevor Gower
With the sun setting in the west, ‘City of Wells’ lifts its load from Platform 4 (left) and passes Damems Junction (right)
Photos: left, Trevor Gower; right, Ian Dixon
Arrival at Oxenhope, mission accomplished and the carriages are put away, ready for another day.
Photos: left, John Sagar; right, Trevor Gower

We are also delighted to feature a short video from Steaming Around Yorkshire Film Productions which brings home the thrill that ‘City of Wells’ will bring to many people – families and enthusiasts alike.

The final photograph has to go to three guys pictured here who have been mainly responsible for 34092’s return to action,
owners Graham Bentley and Richard Greenwood and Chief Engineer John ‘Jock’ Adams
Photo: John Sagar

Featured image photo: Ian Dixon

3 comments on “‘City of Wells’ – the waiting will soon be over! – Part 3

  1. Good to see her running again. I was on of the group who brought her up from Ingrow with 80002 all those years ago and met Mr Riddles at Haworth who happened to be on a visit on that day.

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