‘City of Wells’ – the waiting will soon be over!

We have probably published more photographs of West Country Pacific 34092 ‘City of Wells’ than any other engine, yet it has not turned a wheel in anger for over 25 years. But, as we have chronicled on a fairly regular basis, the time for the ‘Volcano’ is getting forever closer. Yet the finishing line has been, for a while now, quoted as “sometime soon”.

However with this latest report and photographs from 34092 aficionado John Sagar, we can confidently predict that indeed, ‘City of Wells’ will return to service in the very near future, and the waiting will be over.

A considerable amount of final adjustments were being made and tested on Friday 18th July as the following photographs from John testify.

These images show the locomotive emerging from Haworth shed and being moved into position for examination with a run up Haworth loop.

Owners Graham Bentley and Richard Greenwood, Chief Engineer John Adams and KWVR Loco Superintendent John Reddyhoff check operation of the new injectors. Graham Bentley and John Reddyhoff conduct a brake test.
The sanders are checked. The Giesl ejector, first fitted in 1986, has been retained.
34092 is thought to be unique among surviving Bulleid Pacifics in that it once more carries a steam jet just in front of the trailing truck to remove heavy accumulations of sand from the rail head.  And back into the shed at the end of the day.

4 comments on “‘City of Wells’ – the waiting will soon be over!

  1. Brilliant! Love this loco; enjoyed doing a teeny bit of work on it (many years ago); and miss the lads and the locos. Will be coming back to visit to see this – can’t wait. 🙂

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