One out, one in for Diesel Railbuses

The contract repairs to diesel railbus M79964 have been completed by the Vintage Carriages Trust. As a result E79962, having had the remains of the asbestos removed at Haworth as per our previous report, has taken it’s place at the VCT for a full restoration to original condition.

As the photographs show no. ’62 is in a sorry state but, as VCT restorations of other rolling stock illustrates, once completed this old railbus will look as good as the day it left its German maker, probably better.


Photos: KWVR Diesel Railcar Group

2 comments on “One out, one in for Diesel Railbuses

    • No. ’64 is owned by the Railway and is in weekly use when demand is low and it would be more economic than the Class 101. It is quite possible that the two will run together when needed, most likely on special occasions as ’62, now owned by VCT, will be an important exhibit in their museum and will not be for general use. There are no current plans to loan it out, but we would assume it will be in demand for galas away from the railway

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