Record Numbers Volunteer for Tour de France Sunday

With the potential for the Railway to have a record number travelling on the Railway, the first train in the morning leaving Oxenhope at 06.40 and the last train not arriving back at the terminus until 20.25, the Railway issued a ‘call to arms’ to the members for extra volunteers to take ‘action stations’ on the Sunday of the Tour de France.

At his last count, with one week to go, Operations Manager, Noel Hartley, has rounded up a record over 90 volunteers to man the Railway for that day and, with just a few days left, has vacancies that he still needs to fill. So if you would like to help the Railway on this flagship day, why not drop Noel a line offering your services. Click here to send him a e-mail.

ChristineMcKWhether you are at the Railway or sat in front of your television watching the race live on ITV, spare a thought for Oxenhope Catering Manager, Christine Laycock (pictured in her US Army uniform for the Haworth 1940s Weekend). With an unknown number travelling up the Valley, this Irish firebrand, has the unenviable task of deciding how many sandwiches, pies, cakes etc. etc. to purchase to satisfy the appetites of the expected hoards. There is a unsubstantiated rumour, that if the anticipated numbers do not turn up, she and her family will be eating pies until Christmas. But with her untiring band of happy helpers we are certain that Christine will have everything under control, of that the Railway can be absolutely certain.

With the world’s cameras on the cycle race and, no doubt, the Railway as the riders pedal up the Worth Valley, the Railway has every confidence that everybody will rise to the occasion and this will be a very proud day for the Railway.

For full details and timetables for this coming weekend, click here.

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