All Change in Oxenhope Locomotive Shed

In April it was announced that GWR Pannier tank 5775 was leaving the Railway for a holiday at the NRM outstation at Shildon where it will be cosmetically restored to its Railway Children’s livery as a locomotive from the fictitious Great Northern and Southern Railway. It will remain there but will return in time for the 45th anniversary of the film’s making.

To facilitate the move, Oxenhope locomotive shed witnessed a major shunting operation when some locomotives saw the light of day for the first time in many years before being returned to their resting place with new residents BR 4MT 2-6-4T 80002 and L&Y 0-6-0 2F 957. As well as 5775, BR 2MT 2-6-0 78022 also made the journey north to Haworth Loco as these 4 locomotives exchanged places.


Photos: Mark Lightyear (top), Chris King (bottom)

4 comments on “All Change in Oxenhope Locomotive Shed

  1. I saw the changed arrangement on Saturday. Seemed a pity that 957 hasn’t been turned around to face visitors. Also I feel that the engines would be better displayed on the middle road so that they can be seen from either side. Is there a practical reason why the L&Y coaches need to be in the centre road?
    David Smith

      • Good suggestion. I was told tjat 957 was being overhauled as it was a relatively “quick” & “cheap”. How come its now in the exhibition shed?

      • It has gone up to Oxenhope temporarily until work can start. 78022 is down at Haworth for eventual assessment once 75078 is finished.

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