75078 Boiler re-united with the frames

Having reported yesterday on the arrival from Crewe of Standard 4 4-6-0 75078’s boiler, today the boiler was lifted from the trailer that brought it over the Pennines and lowered onto the frames that had earlier been withdrawn from the shed (along with L&Y 2F 0-6-0 957 that was in front of it inside Haworth Loco).


Featured image: Trevor Gower. Photos: Trevor Gower (top) and Keighley and Worth Valley Railway (Official) (bottom)

2 comments on “75078 Boiler re-united with the frames

  1. I was passing through Haworth yesterday and saw this happening,so I obviously stopped and watched for a few minutes. Took a couple of pictures too.
    It reminded me of that Cuneo painting ‘A giant is wheeled’ and it always amazes me to see major components craned into position on locomotives. Will be nice to see this loco back on the Valley.

    • So much of what happens on the Railway goes unnoticed and unrecorded. As these events cannot be predicted they cannot be announced in advance, so luck was on your side, this time. Please send us your photos as, I guess, they will have been taken from the other side. news@kwvr.co.uk

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