‘City of Wells’ – out in the open

Now fully painted and lined out with only varnishing to complete, this image from today is a first glimpse of the superbly painted West Country Pacific and hints that it is not too long before we will see the locomotive make moves out onto the  KWVR main line. The move was made to allow the newly painted S160 5820 to be with drawn from the shadows of Haworth Loco. Click here to see a short 30 second Facebook video of the move.

34092-140417'3-TGAs well as the painting of the engine, weighing of 34092 to a very high degree of accuracy was completed at the weekend. Whilst not essential for branch line work, weighing is still very 34092-140417-TGimportant, especially if mainline running is contemplated. The process took the team almost two weeks as each axle was jacked up individually and the springs adjusted to ensure correct weight distribution. Is the phrase “if mainline running is contemplated” yet another hint that ‘City of Wells’ will grace the mainline? As yet no-one is making that firm commitment so in the meantime the enthusiast fraternity will all just have to continue to speculate, although if you have the spare funds for the team to undertake the necessary work, that dream will become a reality sooner rather than later.

34092-140416-JSThe bottom picture is of a pallet of 10 bags of concrete. Not the most exciting photograph we have featured but, as the delivery is important in the journey towards its return to traffic, it is an important image nonetheless.  The bags are actually a concrete derivative called Firecrete and is laid on the smokebox floor, a task engineer John Adams and his team will be tackling over the next day or so.

Featured image & photos: Trevor Gower (2) . Photo: John Sagar (Bottom)

2 comments on “‘City of Wells’ – out in the open

  1. Great news. Any chance of seeing the
    Video for those of us who do not subscribe to Facebook?

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