LMS ‘Jubilee’ 45596 ‘Bahamas’ Update

As work progresses on the Worth Valley fleet, the Bahamas Locomotive Society are forging ahead with their lottery funded project to restore LMS ‘Jubilee’ 5XP 4-6-0 45596 ‘Bahamas’ and create a new learning facility in a 1924-built LMS riding and tool van.

The Society’s website reports that with ‘Bahamas’ work continues on two fronts at Tyseley Locomotive Works (TLW) and at the Ingrow Loco Workshop. At TLW both mechanical and boiler work has been undertaken. On the mechanical side the pistons have been separated from their rods; the steam brake cylinder has been removed, stripped and examined; the new axlebox-crown brass castings have been delivered, and the horn cheek liners are on order. The engine frames have been lifted from the wheels.

Meanwhile on the boiler the smokebox, superheater header, and all the tubes, have been removed. Work has started on removing stays and rivets to enable the corroded plates to be cut out and allow a thorough survey to take place to ascertain the extent of the work required to bring the boiler up to the standard required for modern mainline running.

Back at the BLS Ingrow base, work proceeds on repairing the small boiler fittings and the tender has had new material purchased to complete the repair of the tender intermediate buffers, the water-pick-up gear has been removed from the frames, no longer needed in this modern age and the steps are under repair.

Bahamas-Coach-140319Now positioned in the dock at Ingrow, as the illustration shows, the internal repair and conversion of the former breakdown riding and tool van to become an education facility is now an ongoing project. As part of its latter day duties, the coach was equipped with kitchen equipment. The kitchen stove and associated piping has been removed and a specialist contractor appointed to remove the heat protective asbestos from the kitchen compartment.


Photo: John Sagar


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