Oxenhope & Keighley Buffets – Can YOU Help!

What better way to spend your Saturdays and Sundays than helping out on your favourite railway. Success brings its own problems and the buffets have been so busy they now need YOUR help. Passengers and working members alike appreciate the buffet facilities at either end of the line where there is time to sit and enjoy the catering facilities whilst the engine runs round to quench its own thirst before tackling the next journey up or down the Valley.

Over the past few months the dedicated and much appreciated small band of regular volunteers have seen their workload get bigger every week and they are now buckling under the strain. Christine Laycock is appealing to anyone who would like to help and, hopefully, become a regular volunteer both in Oxenhope and Keighley buffets. No previous experience is required as full training is given. You will quickly be made to feel right at home and be welcomed with open arms by this enthusiastic and dedicated team.

If you are interested in joining this happy band of volunteers contact the Railway by completing the form below, outlining your general availability and whether you are a current member (all working personnel have to be a member, but no problem, we can sign you up to join the KWVR family). Make sure you have your wrist well strapped, as Christine will snap your hand off straight away.


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