LMS 5MT 45305 repairs under way

In the original line up for Saturday’s Winter Steam Spectacular, 5305 Locomotive Association’s LMS Black 5 45305 ‘Alderman A. E. Draper’ was due to be a visiting star guest alongside 61994 ‘The Great Marquess’. Having given sterling service since arriving on the railway in early 2013 and being a constant source of motive power on the Santa Expresses, the locomotive had to be withdrawn for essential maintenance on the run up to the gala. Failure of the engine’s valve liners has sidelined 45305 for the foreseeable future whilst new liners are manufactured and fitted as per the accompanying photograph. However it is anticipated that this work and any other essential maintenance will be completed before Easter.

45305-Cylinder-140312We understand, currently, there is no agreement with the Railway as to the length of time the 45305 will remain on the Worth Valley Railway, but readers, I am sure, would look forward to seeing such an accomplished mainline performer on the Railway in the absence of class mate 45212, currently under overhaul at Ian Riley’s to mainline condition. Once the repairs are complete, the engine will, from time to time, resume her mainline duties.

45305-140302It is in the Crewe pool for Railway Touring Company’s tours over the summer and is currently rostered to work the Liverpool-Holyhead charters on the 27th July and the 17th August, as well as the Manchester-Holyhead trips on the 3rd and 10th August and the 7th September.

Featured image: Neil Harvey. Photos: John Sagar (top), News@KWVR (below)

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