‘Old Gentleman’s’ saloon in the works

LNER saloon 21661, more famously known as the Old Gentleman’s Saloon in the Railway Children film, is arguably the oldest operational standard gauge passenger coach in the world and seats just 14 people.

Old Gentleman's Saloon 140310Being of a venerable age the old carriage shows her age from time to time and has been showing signs that all is not well. Last week it was lifted off its bogies to allow removal of a drawgear spring for overhaul and a general inspection of the undergear and underframe. The ride height of the coach at the other end is to be adjusted when the spring has returned from overhaul.

The image shows, owner Chris Lawson inspecting the underframe and his smiles suggest he is not too unhappy with the outcome.

Photo: Peter Eastham

4 comments on “‘Old Gentleman’s’ saloon in the works

  1. Hi do you know when the old gentlemans carriage from the railway children will be out of the work shed .i would liked to photograph it because it is an interest to us because our uncle Ken was the waiter on the carriage in the film and And sadly he is no longer with us

    • Hi, Leslie
      I am sorry to say, we don’t know when the carriage will be out of the shed. The old lady has a serious defect that means it cannot run in service and, because of its old age, it has to stay inside. It is not owned by the KWVR but, of course, is a very important vehicle in the line’s history. We are totally reliant on the owner having the repairs, which will be extremely costly, being undertaken before it can come out again, so it is not possible to put any kind of date on its return to service.

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