‘City of Wells’ moves under its own power

After weeks of speculation as to when the West Country pacific would steam out of Haworth yard under its own power, the time came at precisely 5.35 on the last day of the Winter Steam Spectacular, sadly after most attendees had left the Railway and with the light fading, the restorers had finally completed their preparation and, with owner Richard Greenwood on the regulator, the locomotive moved slowly out of the yard and under the Bridgehouse Lane bridge, for the first time in over 25 years.

34092 Number transfersThere is still much to do before it enters regular service, but the end of this thorough restoration is now well and truly in sight. Earlier posts have shown the mirror like finish on the left hand side and the painting of the engine and tender should be completed during the coming week. The number transfers, as the illustration shows, are ready, just waiting for the day when lining out is complete. In addition the locomotive has now been weighed successfully.

Just to remind everybody what we have been missing and, therefore, what we can look forward to, the video below shows 34092 ‘City of Wells’ in her previous re-incarnation.

Video: acw71000. Featured image: Trevor Gower, Photo: John Sagar

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