Pullman Car ‘Mary’

Very much unsung heroes of the Railway, how many of us take for granted the “modern” rolling stock we travel on when we visit the Railway. However beavering away in the Oxenhope former goods shed are a dedicated team, led by Peter Eastham, who keep the running fleet serviced whilst at the same time overhauling previously active members of the fleet that have been in the queue for attention.

We hope to keep followers of the site up-to-date with what is happening in the depths of Oxenhope goods shed.

Currently in there is Pullman car ‘Mary’. This Pullman is a parlour car and was built for the LNER in 1931. On arrival on the Railway it carried the number 84 but was named ‘Mary’ after the wife of the late Reverend Eric Treacy, president of the railway for many years. 80 years of rain, steam and dampness had rotted the steel platework under one of the vestibule ends. A similar fate had overtaken sister Pullman ‘Anne’ in the years prior to 2006 before that could enter traffic. Thankfully, unlike ‘Anne’, only one end, the north end, was effected as basically the south end is sound.
Pullman-Mary-140312The north end has had same rebuild as both vestibules of ‘Anne’.

The floor has had to be taken out and new 1/4″ steel plate-work riveted to the main frames and a new floor fitted over that. The body end, which has windows, has also suffered from leaks so that has had to be rebuilt also. As with so many heritage jobs, that was not the end and it was found that the east side roof gutter was heavily corroded, needing replacement, and the roof required some welding repairs and painting. Thankfully, the west side gutter was replaced a few years ago.

With the body repairs completed, the coach is seen above receiving a brake overhaul in preparation for re-entry into service on the Pullman dining trains in the summer season.

Wheel-refurb-1402Elsewhere in the shed the wheels from a spare set of LMS carriage bogies are being cleaned ready for painting. The Railway owns 3 ex-LMS bogie vehicles but as they have good bogies and wheels, the spare bogies have been considered surplus to requirements so the frames and brakegear of these have been sold to another railway for use on their ex-LMS fleet, but the wheel sets have been retained for our own use.

Photos: Roger Hepworth, John Sagar, Peter Eastham


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