Oxenhope development gets a Green planning light

In 2013 the Railway announced plans for a major redevelopment of the Oxenhope station environs centring on the provision of a permanent catering facility to provide visitors with a more substantial eating experience. The Oxenhope area is a Conservation Area and as such any developments have to be sensitive to the local environment. Taking the myriad of issues that surround conservation areas into consideration, plans sensitive to these issues were submitted for consideration by the planning authorities and a number of issues were raised by the Conservation Officer. The railway responded to the challenges he made to the original plans to his satisfaction and the Railway is pleased to announce that approval has now been granted, subject only to some ‘standard’ conditions but with no significant changes to the original design.


Oxenhope Plans

Now that planning approval has been received the Officers of the Railway can now work on the business plan to take this significant development forward.

Photographed on a wet Sunday in March the current catering facility looks forlorn and perfectly illustrates the great benefits the new café will bring, not only to hungry visitors but also to the aesthetics of Oxenhope station itself.

IMG_1542_1 IMG_2609_1
Photos: News@KWVR

2 comments on “Oxenhope development gets a Green planning light

  1. I applaud the progress in making a permanent catering building at Oxenhope. I along with John Downs designed and fitted out the current Buffet Car about 30 yeras ago. Even more than 20 yeras ago there were discussions about installing a permanent facility, possibly in the stone shed by adding a second or mezanine floor. The current plans above show a considerable structure but the printed detail on the plan above is too small to read. Is it possible to show a clearer plan please. It would be interesting to see what the external cladding etc is going to be as well as an indication of the internal layout.

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