LMS Class 5MT 4-6-0 45212 progress at Ian Riley Engineering

Since leaving the Railway in 2013 under an agreement with Ian Riley Engineering to return this Worth Valley locomotive to the mainline, overhaul has proceeded at pace. Over the last few weeks, Heritage Painting, whose more illustrious locomotive contracts include A4s Mallard and Dwight D. Eisenhower, have been working on 45212.  All of the frames have been degreased, stripped and painted with numerous coats of paint before attention has turned to cylinder cladding, valances, tender and buffer beam.

As the images show the engine is now bereft of its boiler, wheels and cab and almost every other component that can be removed. The task of overhauling all the components has begun, most obvious of which are the main frames. In this view the running board valances have been stripped, the cylinders taken back to bare metal and both primed. Following this picture the cylinder cladding was replaced. In the next series of images it can be seen that the front end has received considerable attention. The front section was stripped, primed, undercoated and glossed prior to further work commencing from the fitters and the cylinder cladding was painted to a high gloss finish ready for lining and varnish. The reflection in the cylinder cladding illustrates the quality of finish being achieved.
Further along 45212 the area under the cab floor has been completely stripped, rust treated where applicable and has subsequently received a few coats of paint. The centre image shows the inner frames painted red after treatment  and are now ready for attention from the fitters.The final image illustrates yet again the superb quality of finish that is being achieved with the tender fully lined out and the British Railways emblem applied.
Featured image & photos: Heritage Painting

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