The Asperger’s Anniversary & The Aspergers Flyer

In 1944, under Nazi rule, Hans Asperger published his paper on autistic psychopathy. At a time when people who did not fit in were brutally murdered, this was a extremely noble thing to do, especially when he defied the world in which he lived to say that ‘autistic people have their place’.

Aspergers3On March 1st 2013, Asperger’s Fundraiser was set up by KWVR volunteer, Ollie Morgan, to cover his head shaving event on the Keighley & Worth Valley Railway on the 30th of that month and any other events that the National Autistic Society run in the future. Over £1,100 was raised amid considerable publicity which catapulted the cause into the public eye. Since then, The Asperger’s Flyer has been set up, special charter steam trains which will run on heritage railways throughout the country to spread knowledge of their work.

This short video gives a brief insight into Asperger’s Fundraiser and a local event, Autistic Airedale .

70 years on from Hans Asperger’s paper, Asperger’s Fundraiser are looking back to thank him for this courageous act which only much later was truly recognised.  Having started the year with a visit to the Ecclesbourne Valley Railway, the Keighley & Worth Valley Railway are proud to be partners of Asperger’s Fundraiser and are pleased to announce that the railway will be hosting a ‘Flyer’ on the 30th March to celebrate 1 year of Ollie’s founding of the organisation.


For more information about Asperger’s Fundraiser and other events that are being organised through the year, visit the Asperger’s Fundraiser website.

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